So, this year, I celebrated St. Patty’s Day 3 times.  Not on purpose, that’s just how it worked out.  How you ask?  Oh, that’s simple – I got confused.  It happens a lot.  The first time was last Wednesday when I thought it was St. Patty’s Day so I got the kids green donuts (or is it doughnuts?) to eat for breakfast and had them pick out green clothes.  My husband, points out it’s not St. Patty’s Day.  I tell the kids – I hope you enjoy your doughnuts (or donuts, whatEVER).

The second time was on Friday when the school just could NOT resist screwing all the parents up and decided to celebrate St. Patty’s Day early due to Spring Break this week.  Of course, we couldn’t get it together and ran late on Friday morning and the girls wore green but didn’t have a lunch.  You can’t have it all kids – here’s proof!

The third (and final time) was today.  Since we had already celebrated twice, I didn’t sweat it when neither of my children wore green today.  We’ve banked the green…I DARE you to pinch them.


Since it was the first day of Spring break, and our ‘staycation’, my Mom and I took the girls to Chattanooga.  We started with a great lunch at Foodworks before heading over to the Children’s Museum (Creative Discovery Museum).  If you live within 3 hours drive of Chattanooga, you should go.  It’s a great museum that offers a lot of stimulating content to children of all ages.  My 8 year old has been going since she was 4 and still loves it.  The upstairs features an exhibit that changes periodically and they are always very well done.

20140317-215031.jpg  20140317-215100.jpg20140317-215013.jpg

We were at the museum all the way to closing and as we were getting ready to leave, we noticed Jim Bob from the TV show “19 Kids and Counting”. I have only seen an episode or two of the show but I recognized him and suddenly, all the conservatively dressed young ladies at the museum made sense!

Jim Bob was festive in his green shirt. I honestly don’t know how he remembered, what with 19 kids and all!  Jim Bob and family were really nice and though we didn’t speak to him, he and his wife (I can’t remember her name and have too much pride to Google it) graciously spoke to a lot of others who simply couldn’t help themselves.


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