Surviving Spring Break has taken on new meaning.  It used to mean living through a week of partying and boozing while freezing your butt off in cut off jean shorts then limping back into class with a week long hangover.  These days, surviving Spring Break means your kids are still vertical and breathing.  You are an over achiever if your house resembles its former self!  This year, I took a week off from work because my poor husband has covered ALL 8 of this year’s snow days and I spent all week with the kids.  Not a single babysitter people, this year it was ALL ME!  We had fun – Children’s Museum, play dates with friends and the Muppets Most Wanted, but damn am I tired!  As a working Mom, this is a different kind of tired.  The kind of tired where you play all day with your kids but also try to stay on top of work email because shit needs to get done and some things just can’t wait until Monday.  The kind of tired where you have a physical reaction every time you hear “Mommy, can you…” or “Mommy she said…” or “Mommy, I am not trying to make you mad but…”.  The kind of tired where you lock the door to the bathroom so you can spend 5 minutes playing Words With Friends or reading FaceBook.  Stay at home Moms, my hat is off to you.  I honestly don’t know how you do it.  This working Mom goes out of town for work tomorrow and couldn’t be happier!

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