I am not an overly political person.  I don’t get jazzed about Republicans or Democrats, debates or public scandals.  I rarely read the newspaper and NEVER watch the news on TV and often have no opinion on popular political matters.  I prefer John Stewart to Anderson Cooper – though, I do think Anderson is SUPER cute!


That being said, I heard somewhere that today, April 8, 2014 is ‘Equal Pay Day’ and apparently it is a political hot button right now on both sides of the aisle.  Equal Pay Day is the date this year that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn the same amount of money men did last year.  Wait, what?  What does this mean?  It took me a second to wrap my head around this but what it means is that women have to work 97 more days to earn the same amount of money as men.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  What a joke!  Seriously, I am cracking up laughing.  You mean, women have to work a solid 3 months more than men to earn the same amount of money?  Hold on, while I collect myself!

While this is no laughing matter, I just can’t help but laugh!  This is the world’s cruelest joke!  Women do more in one day than men even think about doing in one week!  No offense guys, but it’s the damn truth!  Just yesterday, I took the kids to school, worked an 8 hour day in 4 hours, ran 4 miles so I could stay ‘skinny’ (as defined by someone I would like to smack), took my daughter to the orthodontist then took her shopping for summer clothes, walked the dog, cooked a homemade meal, played tennis with the kids in the driveway, read stories, put the kids to bed and then read for about an hour before going to bed.  Seriously?  97 days to ‘catch up’ with men?  I would give men 197 days to ‘catch up’ with women in sheer activity and they would never make it!  Screw you universe – I wave the white flag of surrender!

The article that educated me about Equal Pay Day talks about how Equal Pay Day affects women.   This is the obvious, transparent part of the story.  It’s pretty simple to understand how this day affects women. We make less money than men and it takes us approximately 97 days each year to ‘catch up’ – period.  What’s more difficult to understand is how it affects men.  While women and law makers are worried about how long it takes women to catch up to the ‘earning power’ of men, we aren’t talking about the ‘doing power’ of women. So, while women are like men, only cheaper (for now), women do more everyday to keep life happening and you can’t put a price tag on that.

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