The following message is a Public Service Announcement. You probably clicked on this expecting some words of wisdom sarcasm related to being a parent. Rather, this is personal safety warning. Everything was fine until I watched the season finale of Parenthood last Friday.

I am not a crier. It’s not that I don’t cry it’s just that I prefer to laugh and it generally takes something major for me to cry. That was true, until I started watching a show on TV called Parenthood. If you watch it, you know what I mean. If you don’t, it’s basically this show on TV telling the story of an extended family who encounter many things a normal family does. The joys of new babies being born and the pain of death and everything in between. I love this show – it’s written well, has solid acting and a somewhat complex storyline. It’s funny and sad and tugs at the heartstrings in a way you simply can’t get enough of. Basically, this show has my number.

I don’t really have time to watch as much TV as I do so I have to get creative about how I do it. I watch a lot of TV while also running on the treadmill. I watched 2 solid seasons of Scandal like this and you can pretty much bet if I am on the treadmill, I am also watching a TV show.

Last Friday, I got the kids checked into the Child Watch area at the gym and I even got my favorite treadmill! I got my iPad out, cranked up the speed and settled in for a good run. The show was taking it’s normal course but it really poured on the emotion in the last 10 minutes. I was a few miles in when they dropped a bombshell and I lost it ya’ll. Serious tears. While running. NOT a good combo.

As I was trying to wipe away my tears so that I could see the screen and continue watching, I totally lost sight (literally) of what I was really doing (running) and I fell OFF the treadmill. At the gym. At 9:00 in the morning. I will wait while you and my husband stop laughing at me…

There are never more people at the gym than at 9:00 on a weekday morning and I busted my ass in front of every one of them! To make matters worse, I was CRYING and sweaty and needed a shower (it had been a few days). Net – I was a wreck and it looked like I was crying because I fell off the treadmill when what I was really crying about was a stupid TV show! So what did I do? I got up, looked around, reassured a few folks that I was physically okay (my mental state is debatable), dusted myself off and started running again – after all, I had to finish the show!

Lesson 1: If you are going to watch Parenthood while running, watch your step.

Lesson 2: If you get on the treadmill next to me, ask me what I am watching. If I say Parenthood, find another treadmill. I might take you out.

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