The old saying “Tread lightly and carry a big stick” translates to “hold hands and carry a big purse” when you become a mother.  As a working Mom who travels a lot, I need lots of different bags (or at least that is my excuse!).  My current favorite everyday handbag is a deep purple, large tote number.  The thing I like about it is it’s all real estate.  I can throw a myriad of things in that bag and it all fits.  No pockets to try to keep me organized (that’s futile) and no matter what, it’s always full. 

When I am on the road, it’s full of computers, flash drives, notebooks, boarding passes, bottles of water and Advil.  When I get home, I often pull out the computer and other work stuff and the next time I look in there it’s full of stuff I don’t recognize.  Typically, it’s stuff my daughters put there – stuffed animals, their purse or an American Girl balance beam (don’t leave home without it!).  But, my husband is guilty of filling it up too…”can I put my iPad in there?”  “Can I put the keys in there?”  “Do you have any chapstick (Advil, gum, etc.)”.  How familiar does that sounds ladies?!  I mean, who am I carrying this thing for anyway?  Them apparently.  Add Sherpa to my job description!

Despite my Mary Poppins ability to produce virtually anything requested of me, I really don’t like carrying a purse (never have) but I have given into it now because it’s just too convenient for everyone else.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I looked down the other day and saw a partially eaten raw carrot in my purse.  I mean, don’t you save leftover carrots?  Turns out my youngest daughter does, which is not surprising given her hoarding pack rat tendencies.  When I confronted her about it she said “It’s not that heavy, what’s the big deal?”.  Touche Stella, Touche.  What’s a little Carrot Weight anyway?




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