Law & Order SUV…or is it SVU…OMG, I always mess that up.

I have been watching Law & Order SVU for years and I am not ashamed to say that I love it. I used to also watch CSI (the original…those spinoffs suck!) but quit watching it this past season because, despite the beauty of Nick Stokes and D.B. Russell, I simply can’t handle the writing anymore.  I know…I am snooty.  I can’t help it, Downton Abbey and Mad Men did that to me.

Anyway, I am behind (as always) and just watched the season finale of L&O SUV…I mean SVU.  Like probably 99.9% of people who watch the show, Oliva Benson is my favorite character.  She has been through so much throughout the seasons and in real life I love how she has accepted and not apologized for her post-baby body.  Go Mariska…it’s your burfday!

In the finale of this past season, at the very end (spoiler alert!) Olivia FINALLY gets the baby she has always wanted.  I mean seriously.  This chick has been jonesing for a baby for some time now and she finally, unexpectedly just GETS one!  Of course, it comes from a drug addicted, felonious, now dead mother but still…it’s a B-A-B-Y!  And it’s beautiful, and she is happy and OMG – Oliva is a MOMMY!!!!

Fun fact: in real life Mariska Hargitay is also an adoptive mother to two precious babies!

As a long time fan of the show, I have always known Olivia would make a great mom, who just hadn’t gotten her shot at motherhood.  Which got me thinking…it’s just not fair that there are perfectly good mothers (and fathers) out there who simply don’t get the chance to be a parent.  I have had several friends throughout the years struggle with infertility or other circumstances that have prevented them from becoming parents. And those that have struggled with too much, untimely fertility but are not ready for parenthood.  So, when Olivia got the opportunity at motherhood, to get her baby, so suddenly, she freaking took it!  Go Olivia – it’s your burfday!

Whether or not you get your baby seems so arbitrary…the universe is definitely NOT picking parents…just go to Walmart and take a look around. Parenthood is simply happening to people who certainly don’t deserve it.  And not happening to so many who do.  As I watched Olivia say yes to her baby, an offer which came out of the blue, I cried.  Yes ya’ll, I cried watching SVU (or is it SUV…)  She didn’t know it was coming but she did know she wanted a baby…her baby.  And though she didn’t give birth to that baby, it IS hers.  It made me realize how lucky I am to have had no problem getting pregnant and giving birth to my two beautiful children.  It also made me realize how, even though I get frustrated with them, annoyed by them and just wish they would pick up those damned My Little Ponies and put them away, that they are mine and they are wonderful.  But they are no more mine (and no more wonderful) than all those adopted kids out there.

To all of you adoptive parents out there – keep fighting the good fight and go get your baby!  To all you adopted kids out there, quit your bitching and get into that carefully prepared SUV would you? Or is it and SVU?

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