Humans are odd creatures.  I can say that because I am one (most days).

In some ways we are amazing, kind, gentle creatures.  In other, far more numerous ways, we are horrible to each other.  Not convinced?  Below, is the only proof you need that humans really can’t stand each other:


Didn’t see it?  Let me give you a closer look…

Frame 2

If we didn’t hate each other, why would we do THIS to each other? Putting stickers on glass is one of the most hateful things humans have ever done to each other.  In less than a second, one human causes 20-30 minutes of work for another human.  And it’s not just the time that makes it frustrating.


I had to use tools…and chemicals to get the sticker off!

Attention frame makers, handlers and merchandisers…PLEASE put the sticker on the BACK of the frame where chemical exposure and risk of injury are not involved in removal!


P.S. The beautiful silhouette of my daughter that is featured in this hateful post was made by my friend Maisi Julian…she is a great photographer but also does these silhouettes…you can view her work at here – she made this one from a photo!




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