Sorry I have been MIA for the past week or so.  I have been buried in work and have been trying to get the family ready for our big trip to the U.K.!  I have spent approximately 2 weeks preparing and packing for this trip, will spend 2 weeks on the trip and probably 2 more weeks unpacking and catching up after the trip!  But, we feel very lucky to have the chance to go to the “home of One Direction” (this is what my kids told me today).

Our U.K. trip is something that has been on the horizon for many months now but it was brought down to earth for me today when I went by the bank and picked up the British pounds we ordered.  It’s getting real now, ya’ll! All the preparing, planning and paying will finally turn into an experience we will all remember for years to come!  Nevermind the fact that I have a London guide book that I am currently on page 6 of.  I mean, who really needs to know what they are doing before they land in a foreign country? We’ll just wing it.


In reality, we are going to the U.K. to visit friends we made while living in Switzerland.  They have children our girls’ ages and they live in London.  They were gracious enough to invite us to go on their holiday trip to Cornwall so we will spend a week in Cornwall and a week in London.  We are BEYOND excited at the adventure that awaits us.  I don’t know much about Cornwall or where we are staying but here is some of the information our friends’ shared and some of my own research.

Cornwall is a peninsula in the south of England which is bordered by the Celtic Sea, English Channel and River Tamar.


Somewhere in Cornwall


Somewhere else in Cornwall

We are staying in one of the National Trust Holiday Cottages, specifically Chatham in Falmouth. Chatham is one wing of the large house shown below.  Awesome, right?  I say all this like I know what the hell I am talking about but in reality, I know nothing.  Except that it will be cool…VERY cool.

Cornwall 2

Buckingham Palace Chatham

So, we take off tomorrow, fly to London arriving on Saturday.  On Sunday, Kurt and Hugh will take off for a sailing trip for a few days and then Gwen and the kids and I will meet up with the men in Cornwall on Tuesday.


A tiny picture of Hugh and Kurt’s tiny boat…

So, stay tuned for more information on our adventures and please pray to who whomever you pray to that we all make it to London in one piece.

3 thoughts on “It’s getting real…!

  1. Hello, I hope you don’t mind me commenting, I was just searching around for other travel blogs to read.

    I’m from the UK, and I’m sure you’ll have a good time here 🙂 especially in Cornwall! The weather forecast for two week’s time is warm so I hope your holiday goes well x

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